Building Scalable Products.

Smart Foundry is a Venture Studio, that creates and builds multiple startup In-House companies that solve African challenges by forming strategic partnerships to scale and impact.

Smart Foundry is built on the experience of building, positioning, and scaling Digital products, Eg M-Paper to Rifaly from Idea to profitable looking product. We use this experience to build other products that will spin to Companies, Eg Kwanza and Ishi.

Smart Foundry originated from the need to have a company that will focus 100% on everything start-up business, from building products and spinning them off to companies from ideas to product market fit.

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    We enable innovation and create new products and services by using our extensive experience, network, and insight. Our R&D team builds successful, award-winning products that make a mark in the industries.

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    Innovation Lab

    Smart Lab is an innovation platform that connects learners and corporate partners to empower ground breaking solutions that will impact African communities.

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    Digital Partners

    Smartnology simplifies complex challenges through user-friendly technology. Working with brands locally and internationally, we structure and build organizational and technical capabilities

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    Content Studio

    We are an innovative creation studio producing content that tells stories, crosses market boundaries and attracts customers for its brands, products and clients.


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House No 346
Senga Road, Mikochen A,
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

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