Executive echo | Episode 03 | Connecting Marketers and Learners in Tanzania with Prof. Emmanuel Chao

Jun 21, 2024
Jun 21, 2024

In this episode of the Executive Echo podcast, Edwin Bruno hosts Dr. Emmanuel Chao from the Tanzania Marketing Science Association (TMSA). The two explore the topic of “Connecting Marketers and Learners in Tanzania.”

It examines the tremendous divide between marketers and learners in this field, thus underlining a need for greater ties and cooperation. Dr. Chao envisions marketing’s future in Tanzania by stressing how crucial it is to bridge this gap to foster innovation and growth. They go on to discuss how developing strong marketing networks could better develop the industry so that all students and professionals can flourish within an ever-changing digital environment.

Do not miss to get insight into education-marketing intersections and ideas on how best to use them to benefit a brighter tomorrow in the Tanzanian marketing industry.

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