Edwin Bruno Launches the "Executive Echo" Podcast, Focusing on Leadership and Innovation powered by Rifaly

May 28, 2024
May 28, 2024

Edwin Bruno, the CEO and CVO of Smart Africa Group (SAG), has unveiled his highly anticipated podcast, the "Executive Echo." This exclusive series will delve into the minds of leading business figures, offering listeners privileged insight into the journeys of successful C-suite leaders, founders, and innovators who have left an indelible mark on innovation and entrepreneurship. 

The Executive Echo podcast is not just another leadership podcast. It's a unique platform that aims to bridge the gap between emerging talents and established industry leaders. Bringing to light the untold stories and achievements of successful innovators serves as a beacon of inspiration for emerging African leaders and entrepreneurs.

Edwin announced the premiere of the Executive Echo podcast on his various social media accounts. This podcast will be exclusively on Rifaly under the #RifalyOriginals channel.

Each podcast episode promises to be a captivating experience, featuring engaging conversations with renowned personalities. These discussions will explore different topics, such as entrepreneurship and the transformative journeys of leaders who have reshaped their industries.

Mark your calendars for the inaugural episode of the Executive Echo podcast, set to air on [April 29, 2024]. In this episode, we have Larry Ayo, the Business Director of SmartLab, sharing his insights on the impact of the innovation ecosystem in Africa's business landscape. It's a conversation you don't want to miss!

The inspiration for "The Executive Echo" was born during a lively session on the Rifaly Originals Podcast, where Edwin hosted SAG's leaders, Beatrice Nyamari (MD, SmartCodes) and Hawa Mwakatundu (Director, SmartNology ), in an enlightening conversation on 'Challenges and Opportunities for Women in Tech and Creative Industries.' This connection led to the Executive Echo, a podcast that aims to connect and inspire.

The dialogue concluded with Edwin being challenged to create his series, leading to the inception of the Executive Echo.  

How to Tune In: Listeners eager to catch The Executive Echo can subscribe to the podcast on the Rifaly. Listeners can download the Rifaly App on Apple’s App Store and Andoid’PlayStore

The Executive Echo is a must-listen for anyone eager to understand the dynamics of modern business leadership. It promises to enlighten and inspire.

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